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Action Thriller Sounds

  • Action Thriller Sounds


Исполнитель: Sound Ideas

Релиз: 2014

Дата релиза:



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  1. Large Explosion with No Debris
  2. Medium Blast Explosion from Grenade
  3. Medium Explosion with Debris
  4. Small Bomb Detonates & Explodes
  5. Explosion, Bomb, Lots of Debris, Snow on Ground
  6. Fuse Line from Bomb Burns & Sizzles
  7. Medium Crash and Smashing from Glass
  8. Glass Fragments and Debris Pouring Down
  9. Glass Dropped and Smashed into Heavy Dumpster
  10. Glass Smashed from Large Storefront Window
  11. Explosive Impact with Lots of Glass Debris
  12. Heavy Car Crash Impact with Metal Crunching
  13. Heavy Car Crash Impact with Glass Smashing
  14. Car Crash with Lots of Glass Debris
  15. Car Crashes with Fan Loosening and Vibrating
  16. Car Crashes Creating Low Rumble
  17. Car Driving at Fast Speed Skids Around Corner
  18. Suv Peels out, Skidding Tires, And Drives at Fast Speed
  19. Car or Truck Glass Window Is Smashed
  20. Camaro Passes by at Fast Speed
  21. Camaro Passes by Going from Slow to Very Fast
  22. Camaro Pulls up at Fast Speed and Stops
  23. Camaro, Starts, Idles and Revs Engine
  24. Short Burst of Machine Gun Fire
  25. Short Burst of Machine Gun Fire with Debris Sounds & Reverb Trail
  26. Large Canon Blasts and Echoes
  27. Gun Fire from Beretta M9, Firing One Time
  28. 9mm Handgun Fires Single Shot
  29. Colt M1911 Handgun Firing One Shot
  30. Browning .30 Machine Gun Fires Medium Burst
  31. Ak47 Machine Gun Shoots Long Burst of Continuous Fire
  32. Ak47 Machine Gun Fires a Short Burst
  33. Constant Assault from Machine Gun Firing a Long Burst of Bullets
  34. Civil War Battlefield Ambience with Gun Fire
  35. Human Impact Sound from Punch
  36. Punch to Body Creates Human Impact Sound
  37. Human Impact Sound of Punch to Body
  38. Whoosh from Punch Followed by Impact
  39. Punch Creates Smacking Sound
  40. Punch Sound of Jab to Body
  41. Hard Hand Slap to a Mans Face
  42. Sharp Knife Stabs into Human Flesh
  43. Defensive Block During Fight Creates Smack
  44. Human Body Falls onto Concrete Surface
  45. Human Body Falls Hard onto Dirt and Leaves
  46. Axe Chops into Human Body
  47. Throwing Knife Impact with Human Body
  48. Violent Stabbing Sound of Knife Cutting Human Body
  49. Human Limb Being Torn off Brutally
  50. Human Bone Cracking & Breaking
  51. Military F-16 Fighter Jet Passes by Overhead
  52. Military F-16 Fighter Jet Rips Past in Air
  53. Military F-86 Fighter Jet Passes by Overhead
  54. Helicopter Running on Tarmac with Constant Propeller Noise
  55. Bell 206 Helicopter Hovers Overhead
  56. Police Car Passes by at Fast Speed While Siren Wails
  57. Police Car Approaches and Stops with Siren Sounding
  58. Electronic Emergency Alarm Sounds
  59. Powerful Thunder & Lightning Cracks During Violent Storm
  60. Heavy Rain Downpour with Distant Thunder Rumbling
  61. Low Rumbling Eerie Wind Howls
  62. Gusty Mountain Storm Wind Through Pine Trees
  63. Quick Reaction Scream from an Adult Male
  64. Adult Male Screams Quickly in Fear
  65. Medium Scream from an Adult Female Actress
  66. Female Teenager Screams in Fear
  67. Cat Like Rattling Monster Hiss
  68. Large Beast Growls Ferociously
  69. Savage Beast Roars Hungrily
  70. Big Electrical Sparking Jolt
  71. Whipping Laser Gun Shot
  72. Multiple Shots from a Futuristic Laser Gun
  73. Single Hit from a Space Laser Gun
  74. Laser Gun Spraying Multiple Shots
  75. Medieval Battle Axe Scrapes Against Plate Mail Armor
  76. Two Person Sword Battle with Swords Only & No Voices or Grunts
  77. Two Swords Clanking Together from Single Hit or Block
  78. Panning Dramatic Dissolving Drone
  79. Low Harsh Metallic Drone
  80. Dramatic Synth Voice Drone