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Film Music Maestro

  • Film Music Maestro


Исполнитель: Ennio Morricone

Релиз: 2007

Дата релиза:



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  1. Cinema Paradiso Cinema Paadiso
  2. Maturity Cinema Paadiso
  3. Days Of Heaven Days Of Heaven
  4. Chi Mai Le Professionnel
  5. 1900s Theme / Playing Love The Legend Of 1900
  6. On Earth As It Is In Heaven The Mission
  7. End Titles Malena
  8. Theme De Vatel Vatel
  9. Destiny A Time Of Destiny
  10. Gabriels Oboe The Mission
  11. Nostromo Nostromo TV Series
  12. Orca Orca Finale
  13. Finale Di Un Concerto Romantico Interrotto Canone Inverso
  14. Saharan Dream Secret Of The Sahara
  15. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly The Good The Bad And The Ugly
  16. Once Upon A Time In The West Once Upon A Time In The West
  17. Theme Tune A Fistfull Of Dollars
  18. Farewell To Cheyenne Once Upon A Time In The West
  19. Titoli For A Fistful Of Dollars
  20. Sixty Seconds To What For A Few Dollars More
  21. My Name Is Nobody My Name Is Nobody
  22. The Ecstasy Of Gold The Good The Bad And The Ugly
  23. Love Theme Guns For San Sebastian
  24. Un Tetto Di Stelle A Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof
  25. The Man With The Harmonica Once Upon A Time In The West
  26. March Of The Beggars Duck You Sucker
  27. LArena The Mercenary aka A Professional Gun
  28. Duck, You Sucker Duck You Sucker
  29. The Ballad Of Hank McCain Machine Gun McCain
  30. Ad Ogni Costo Grand Slam
  31. Main Titles The Sicilian Clan
  32. Main Titles Violent City
  33. The Iron Major The Iron Major
  34. Goodbye Palermo Father Of The Godfathers
  35. Deborahs Theme Once Upon A Time In America
  36. Far Memories Of Sicily The Penitent
  37. Al Capone The Untouchables
  38. End Titles The Untouchables
  39. To Come Back To Palermo To Forget Palermo
  40. State Of Grace State Of Grace
  41. Act Of Faith Bugsy