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Исполнитель: Sound Ideas

Релиз: 2014

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  1. Deep Single Toll from Large Church Bell
  2. Large Church Bell Tolling with Heavy Pulley Movement
  3. Joyous Scale Sounding from Large Church Bells
  4. Two Tone Tolling from Large Church Bells
  5. Church Bell Tolling with City Drone in Background
  6. High Pitched Brass Church Bell Rings Steadily
  7. Rope Operated Church Bell Rings
  8. Twelve Strikes from Very Large Church Bell
  9. Church Bells Ringing in Downtown of Large City
  10. Half Hour Chime from Clock Tower Bells Recorded from Close Perspective
  11. Hour Chime & Toll at 9 Oclock from Clock Tower Recorded from Close Perspective
  12. Four Rings of Boxing Fight Bell
  13. Insistent Fire Alarm Ring
  14. Medium Ring from Fire or School Bell
  15. Short Ring from Small Brass Hand Bell
  16. Single Ring from Medium Brass Hand Bell
  17. Short Ring from Small and Medium Brass Bells
  18. Short Ring from Two Medium Brass Bells
  19. Small Brass Bell Ringing
  20. Single Hit from Brass Bell
  21. Large Brass Hand Bell Ringing Once
  22. Single Ring from Large Brass Bell
  23. Short Shaking Ring from Brass Naval Bell
  24. Double Ring from Brass Train Locomotive Bell
  25. Four Double Rings from Brass Train Bell
  26. Several Rings from Eight Inch Copper Bell
  27. Spring Loaded Bicycle Bell Rings Quickly Several Times
  28. Old Spring Loaded Bicycle Bell Rings Several Times
  29. Single Ring from Classic Style Bicycle Bell
  30. Two Different Bicycle Bells Ringing
  31. Single Ring with Mallet from Large Metal Bell
  32. Single Ring from Heavy Brass Desk Bell
  33. Several Rings from Heavy Brass Desk Bell
  34. Small Office Desk Bell Ringing Several Times
  35. Bright Constant Ringing from Hotel Desk Bell
  36. Cheap Plastic Alarm Clock Ringing
  37. Old Mechanical Alarm Clock Ringing
  38. Single Short Buzz & Ringing from Alarm on Bridge of Ship
  39. Telegraph Signal Bell Ringing on Large Passenger Steam Boat
  40. Brass Bell on Large Passenger Steam Ferry
  41. Old Brass Shop Door Bell Ringing
  42. Antique Door Bell with Twist Knob Circa 1890
  43. Short Ring from Old Electric Door Bell
  44. One Ring from Classic Door Bell
  45. Single Hit from High Pitched Cowbell
  46. Single Hit from Low Pitched Cowbell
  47. Hard Fast Shakes from Sleigh Bells
  48. Continuous Steady Shakes from Sleigh Bells
  49. Ascending Short Ringing from Bell Tree
  50. Ascending Long Ringing from Bell Tree
  51. Trill from Orchestral Bells
  52. Arpeggio from Orchestral Bells
  53. Long March from Orchestral Bells
  54. Single Hit from Brazilian Agogo Bell
  55. Ringing from Agogo Bell Tree
  56. Medium Ring from Small Glass Hand Bell
  57. Several Very Slow Hits from Large Bronze Dinner Bell Gong
  58. Several Hits from Small Brass Dinner Bell Gong
  59. Single Hit from Hanging Metal Bell with Swing Rope
  60. Two Rings from Small Hanging Brass Dinner Bell
  61. Long Ring from Old Electric School Bell
  62. Old Alarm Bell Ringing
  63. 2 Versions of High Pitched Metal Bell Ringing
  64. 1 Long Signal from Ringing Bell
  65. Alarm Hit with Hammer Quickly & Constantly Ringing
  66. Single Ring from Buoy Bell with Low Harbor Hum in Background
  67. Elevator Bell Rings One Time
  68. Passenger Elevator Floor Signal Sounds
  69. Gas Station Service Bell Ringing Once
  70. Two Rings from Gas Station Service Bell
  71. Bell Rings on Vintage 1902 Cash Register
  72. Vintage 1907 Cash Register Bell Ringing
  73. Railroad Crossing Signal Bell Rings
  74. Copper Wind Chimes Sounding
  75. End of Line Bell from Large Antique Underwood Typewriter
  76. End of Line Bell from Small Vintage Portable Remington Typewriter
  77. Single Ring of Slide Bell from Manual Typewriter