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Sound of the Movies Vol. 19

  • Sound of the Movies Vol. 19


Исполнитель: Нет

Релиз: 2010

Дата релиза:



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  1. 42nd Street Young And Healthy
  2. Shuffle Off To Buffalo
  3. 42nd Street
  4. Gold Diggers Of 1933 Were In The Money
  5. Ive Got To Sing A Torch Song Outtake
  6. The Shaddow Waltz
  7. Remember My Forgotten Man
  8. Footlight Parade Honeymoon Hotel
  9. By A Waterfall
  10. Shanghai Lil
  11. Wonder Bar Dont Say Goodnight
  12. Fashions Of 1934 Spin A Little Web Of Dreams
  13. Dames The Girl At The Ironing Board
  14. I Only Have Eyes For You
  15. Dames
  16. Gold Diggers Of 1935 The Words Are In My Heart
  17. Lullaby Of Broadway
  18. In Caliente The Lady In Red
  19. Gold Diggers Of 1937 Alls Fair In Love And War