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Busby Berkely

  • Busby Berkely


Исполнитель: Нет

Релиз: 2013

Дата релиза:



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  1. 42Nd Street: Young and Healthy
  2. Shuffle Off to Buffalo
  3. 42Nd Street
  4. Gold Diggers of 1933: Were in the Money
  5. Ive Got to Sing a Torch Song
  6. The Shaddow Waltz
  7. Remember My Forgotten Man
  8. Footlight Parade: Honeymoon Hotel
  9. By a Waterfall
  10. Shanghai Lil
  11. Wonder Bar: Dont Say Goodnight
  12. Fashions of 1934: Spin a Little Web of Dreams
  13. Dames: The Girl At the Ironing Board
  14. I Only Have Eyes for You
  15. Dames
  16. Gold Diggers of 1935: The Words Are in My Heart
  17. Lullaby of Broadway
  18. In Caliente: The Lady in Red
  19. Gold Diggers of 1937: Alls Fair in Love and War