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A Tribute to Disney Vol. 2

  • A Tribute to Disney Vol. 2


Исполнитель: Нет

Релиз: 1989

Дата релиза:



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  1. A Whole New World From Alladin
  2. Hakuna Matata From Lion King
  3. If I Ever Knew You From Pocahontas
  4. Under the Sea From Little Memald
  5. Mob Song From Beauty & The Beast
  6. Baby Can I Hold On From Hercules
  7. Best of Friends From Fox & Hound
  8. Tomorrow Is Another Day From The Rescuers
  9. When She Loved Me From Toy Story 2
  10. Somethingthere From Beauty & The Beast
  11. I Just Cant Walt to Be King From Lion King
  12. Chip n Dales Rescue From Chip & Dale
  13. Spercalifragilisticexpialidocius From Mary Poppins
  14. Battle on the Tower From Beauty & The Beast
  15. God Help the Outcasts From Huncnback of Notre Dame
  16. Youve Got a Friend in Me From Toy Story
  17. Gaston From Beauty & The Beast
  18. Will You Be There From Free Willy
  19. Everybody Wants to Be a Cat From Aristocats
  20. Poor Unfortunate Souls From Little Memald