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Vintage Train & Steam Engine Sounds

  • Vintage Train & Steam Engine Sounds


Исполнитель: Vintage Train Sounds

Релиз: 2009

Дата релиза:



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  1. At Tonbridge In 1957, Beside The Line To Tunbridge Wells, On The Climb To Somerhill Tunnel
  2. Near Princes Risborough Station On The Former Gw & Gc Line On A Night In December
  3. At Steele Road Soon After Dawn On A Morning In May 1961
  4. On The Chester-Shrewsbury Line At Gresford On A Night In May 1964
  5. At Basingstoke Station In 1959 Stereo Recording
  6. Beside The Kent Coast Line, Near Herne Bay And At Whitstable In 1958
  7. Trevose Head With A Special Train In 1956
  8. On The Moors Near The Blea Moor End Of Ribblehead Viaduct On A Night In November
  9. Beside The Axminster-Lyme Regis Branch Line In 1957
  10. On The Hereford-Abergavenny Line At Llavihangel Summit Ona November Night In 196
  11. A Journey From London to Chatham on board a train hauled by 4-4-0 No. 31019 Driven by Sam Gingell In 1956
  12. At Salisbury Station In 1956
  13. On The Central Wash Line Near Llangunilo Tunnel On A Night In June 1961
  14. A Boat Train Climbing From Folkestone Harbour In 1956
  15. Inside Meldon Junction Signal Box In 1961
  16. Between Scout Green & Shap Summit On An Evening In May 1960
  17. At Ribblehead Station On Another Night In November 1961
  18. The Whitby Moors Special Train At Goathland On A Night In March 1965
  19. In The Mountains Of Slovenia At Lupoglav Station On A Stormy Night In November 1
  20. At Grantham Station During A Night In August 1961
  21. At Exeter St.Davids Station, Beside The S.R. Line In 1958
  22. At Templecombe Station In 1956
  23. On The Carslisle-Edinburgh Waverley Route At Steele Road On A Night In May 1961
  24. D. Class 4-4-0s In The Redhill-Reading Line In 1956