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A Tribute to Disney Vol. 1

  • A Tribute to Disney Vol. 1


Исполнитель: Нет

Релиз: 1989

Дата релиза:



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  1. Beauty & The Beast From Beauty & The Beast
  2. Circle of Life From Lion King
  3. Arielles Dream From Little Mermald
  4. Be Prepared From Lion King
  5. The Bear Necessitties From Jungle Book
  6. Colors of the Wind From Pocahontas
  7. Two Worlds From Tarzán
  8. Shooting Star From Hércules
  9. True to Your Heart From Mulan
  10. Never Had a Friend Like Me From Aladin
  11. Once Upon a Time in New York City From Oliver & Co
  12. Someday From Hunchback of Notre Dame
  13. Be Our Guest From Beauty & The Beast
  14. Chim Chim Cheree From Mary Poppins
  15. Can You Feel the Love Tonight From Lion King
  16. Reflection From Mulan
  17. Youll Be in My Heart From Tarzan
  18. Part of Your World From Little Mermald
  19. Just Around the Riverbend From Pocahontas
  20. Go the Distance From Hercules