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Themes & Tunes from Movies and Television

  • Themes & Tunes from Movies and Television


Исполнитель: Robert Walsh

Релиз: 1995

Дата релиза:



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  1. Best That You Can Do from Arthur
  2. Dont Cry For Me Argentina from Evita
  3. Theme from Hellraiser
  4. Ive Got No Strings
  5. Julies Theme from I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
  6. Theme from Leprechaun
  7. Love Theme from The Thorn Birds
  8. Memory
  9. Only He Has The Power To Move Me from Starlight Express
  10. Theme from Puppet Master
  11. Theme from The Abyss
  12. The Beginning Of The Partnership from Shakespeare In Love
  13. Theme from Children Of The Corn
  14. Theme from Dracula
  15. Trouble In Woodsboro: Sydneys Lament from Scream From Scream